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Insights to help you think outside the box when it comes to what you can do to financially empower your team

Are we in a Bond Bubble?

CIO Insights

Are we in a Bond Bubble?

CIO Insights

Are we in a Bond Bubble?

CIO Insights

Are we in a Bond Bubble?

CIO Insights

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StashAway WorkPlace is designed to support your employees with the financial acumen necessary to make empowering short-term and 
long-term financial decisions.

Whether you’re looking to improve your existing benefits, or want an entire benefits consultation, we can work with you to make a custom  benefits solution that precisely meets your company’s needs.


Pension Scheme

Pension Scheme makes it easy for you to help your non-Singaporean employees save for retirement.

Incentive Enhancement Program

The Incentive Enhancement Program encourages employee retention by awarding bonuses with vesting schedules.

Financial Wellness Program

Financial Wellness Program teaches employees how to budget, save, and invest so they can be more productive employees and citizens.

Corporate Savings Plan

With a Corporate Savings Plan, you can encourage all of your employees to be more disciplined with their finances by investing a portion of each paycheck. You can opt to take it even further by matching their contribution to improve their financial security, reach their personal financial goals, and have peace of mind.

Our Solutions

Whichever WorkPlace combination we build together, you and your employees receive discounted access to Singapore’s digital wealth management platform.

That means 
, goal-based investing, with no minimum balance, no lock-up, and no entry fees.

Is financial wellness part of
your benefits offering yet?

Recent studies suggest that financial wellness programs are not just a fad: 85%* of employees said they would use a financial wellness program if their employer offered one.

*Source: Charles Schwab 2017 Workplace Financial Wellness

More than 40 companies are already equipping their employees with financial peace of mind through StashAway WorkPlace’s Financial Wellness Program.
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